Monday, April 09, 2007

Narayana Murthy for President? No Way!

I apologize, if I have hurt sentiments of anyone!

Well facts are facts, and the bare minimum....

(1) Socialists cannot become Presidents. Zilch! Can he take the acid test on not being a benami?
(2) A person who bribes of donation, with 10 million to Carnegie Mellon, should not get this job.
(3) A person who fights for English and better amenties, but support certain class of politicos hardliners, and only vocal on Kannadigas (personally olle kelasa!)..... supporting only Karnataka all in the IT industry.... tough chance to digest.
(4) Making a company while working for Patni and TELCO, no way.... that might happen in this job too!
(5) Openly asked for the Ambassador post for USA!
(6) When JAC did the IT STPI story in Bangalore, NRN claims he did it, lying is dangerous for this job.
(7) Withdraws large amount of money using his stocks, ADRs, dividends etc, hard earned money by toiling software coolies, working for 100s of hours in a week, while getting paid for 40 only! (refer to my previous post)
(8) Make his wife President of Infosys Foundation, a private body NGO, with Public Money, Shareholders blood!
(9) Does not tolerate other IT co's to come up well!
(10) Lied openly on Sibulals job status with SUN as sabbatical. I have had a good laugh with my ex boss, who happened to that guys boss.
(11) Just bcoz Time group says that he is fit, sorry! he must not try this. (FM might have been nervous to attend the award ceremony, of thinking of being unseated, but not his chap!)
(12) Hardliners will not agree.... Infosys and Rekha Maximowitch's story is still not forgotten.
(13) He has sent his kids to study abroad, using money power, forget the man who doesn't like India. God Forsake!

Again, all are hearsays and no malice intended. I have no inhibitions to become a President of India, being over 35 now!

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Anonymous said...

Now add the issue of

(1) Indian National Anthem classifying for foreigners
(2) Cauvery Issue

Looks like he doesn't know to talk! Money has got into brains!

If he ticks mullahs, he is done!

Imran Khan