Monday, February 05, 2007

Prayers Answered?

Definitely yes. I am fascinated with MGR even today (courage...), dont ask me why, as I am educated engineer and Art of Living Sudharshana Kiriya practisioner, in 1984 he was bedridden, with multiple diseases attacking him fully. Had been sent to Brooklyn Hospital to revive. There were enormous prayers done, and I whole-heartedly I prayed for his well-being and I still believe it had a part to bring him to life and I even got a chance to meet him at Music Academy on November 1987 a month before his death, even though at family front we needed more prayers, and that was being answered. The second most experience was, after my degree (I was selected in campus) started with a software support job, and I was praying intensely everyday, that I should get into software development while doing justice for the job I was doing, which was honoured with a promotion in 9 months. My prayers were answered, and I did move to a pure development job. Still there are more un-answered prayers to varied degrees. One trivial, but interesting short prayer that was answered, when I started for job and after training at Delhi, and I was posted at Secunderabad. I went to my hometown Tiruppur, and after spending 2 days, started for Secunderabad, and reached there late in the evening. I had the address, with an A missing in the Chandragiri Colony. The Plot no was given and found a empty plot, where my friend Chelliah was to stay. The auto driver dropped me of there, and left with all of the Rs 30/- I had in pocket. I felt miserable, and wondered what to do. I prayed then feverishly to help me out of the situation. Within few minutes, a scooter came, and one person took me to the exact house... I thanked the person and asked for his name. He said Sai. I also asked him where he lived, and he said nearby only. Later I tried to search for him in the neighborhood, and never could find him there. Mysterious but mystical. Prayers answered!

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