Thursday, January 18, 2007

Naan Kadavul and Alwar

Ultimate Star Ajith in Tamil Filmdom, has ensured that he vents out his
feelings, with the movie "Alwar", for being dropped from "Naan Kadavul"
unceremoniously, as reported in newspapers and journals for the return
of the huge advance, using tough tactics.

He dons the Avatar's of Vishnu to kill his enemies, from being pious to
a killer, is the storyline. He utters "Naan Kadavul" every time he kills!

Asin comes in and goes, nothing special with pimples..... Kirthi Chawla acts well.

Vivek comes in and giggles, but for very few scenes only. Probably the
story could have been interlaced with more comedy, to make it a sure
hit. Hoping that some more editing of unwanted chase and fight with the
Oriya Police Officer is cut, and more comedy - thought provoking ones -
done by Vivek and Mayilsamy will add value. For ex. Mayilsamy can come
in with another Avatar for comedy two more times, and in the last one,
Vivek should get totally offended to run behind Mayilsamy, in different

Now it gets average rating only. Understand that the weekday crowds are a dull and the weekends pull in cash.

BTW, I am not sure whether Alwar's are depicted right?

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