Tuesday, April 11, 2006

DC Machines cups (1987)

An anecdote - from PSG Tech BE EEE 1986-90 batch.

I call this DC Machines cups (1987)

There was this Lecturer (Senior guy) called Swamy, who was keen on University Senate politics than teaching us in 1987 (III Sem). Out of possible 17 classes, he taught us for 5, and gave a mini quiz on 6th and thats it. Never turned up at classes, and based on the feedback from Seniors, we kept mum, and never told anyone in the Mgmt. Happy with the free class and the World Cup. The evaluation system is marked based ( Internal - 25, Part A - 37.5., B - 37.5), out of which a part is evaluated outside (IIT, BITS or RECs). So all were confident, in the class of 52, that with 62.5 marks in his hands, everyone gets a sure pass @ 50 based on whatever you write .. er... scribble, which was the case with seniors.... the day of reckoning came, and we saw only 9 passed, and rest fluncked at miserable scores. We call that CUP in college lingo, down south. For most, coming from the best of the best schools, with limited engineering seats at PSG comparable to IITs, this was a nightmare, and first of its kind. On seeing this huge flunks, the HOD and the Senior staff and college management, came down to talk to us, and no one, except me asked them why this was not known to them for years. The answer was funny, but I want to keep it for myself!

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